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Also from planet Zew, Rock’s an avid outdoors bug who fights passionately to save the open spaces that provide recreation and relaxation for so many.

Rock’s a snowboarder at heart and a rockin’ drummer!
Another Earth native, Kordy was Fern’s friend at Greener University. and was won over by the positive energy that she saw in Lu and his new Earth Bug Crew. After her local beaches continued to close due to pollution, Kordy joined the Crew – ready to do something about it!

Kordy’s a water bug and plays bass guitar when she’s not out shredding it up!
An Earth native, Fern met Lu and Rock at Greener University where he was studying organic horticulture. His focus is now on renewable energy.

When he’s not skating his local skate park, Fern can be heard jamming his electric 6-st